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Signing a deal with the devil

I’m a huge fan of the show Paranormal Witness, which features interviews with real people who claim to have survived something extraordinary.

Most of the episodes deal with ghosts or aliens, but Eric Breakfield’s story was different. When Eric was just a teenager, he was addicted to video games–nothing unusual there–until the day an anonymous stranger contacted him over the internet, inviting him to play a game called ‘The Contract.’ Those who participated were guaranteed to have their wildest dreams come true.

For Eric, a lonely teen ignored by the popular crowd, it was worth a shot. And after signing The Contract, his life did improve dramatically. The cheerleader who’d never given him the time of day was suddenly all over him. He had new friends, a better lifestyle. His grade-point average soared. But there was a price–a terrible price that drove home the horrible truth: The Contract wasn’t a game at all. Eric had signed a deal with the devil, and now it was his turn to do some recruiting. He was stalked and tormented, even within his own mind. But it wasn’t until his young nephew was at risk and his family was being terrorized that Eric realized he needed to come clean about The Contract and ask for help.

I realize this is an incredible story that will be extremely difficult for many of you to believe. It certainly was for me, but there was a sincerity about Eric that struck me when I watched that episode, and which led me to reach out to him. If his story unfolded the way he says, it challenges a lot of what I believe (or rather, don’t believe). This, however, I can say for sure: I am absolutely certain Eric is telling the truth as he knows it, and I applaud him for having the courage to share his story.

This is our interview about what happened to him. For more background, you can watch the episode of Paranormal Witness here (season five, episode four). Some scenes were dramatized for effect, but as Eric says, others were underplayed. Eric’s father, mother, and sister were interviewed for the program, along with the pastor who performed the exorcism. I highly recommend watching the show to get the most out of our interview.

Eric Breakfield says he was tricked into signing a contract with Satan when he was a teenager.

J.H. When you were first approached about The Contract, did you think it was a friend playing a joke on you? Why or why not, and how did you figure out this wasn’t the case?

Eric I did think for a minute it was a joke. It was when I read The Contract that I started to realize my friends wouldn’t go this far.

J.H. What convinced you The Contract was real? In the show, it mentions the moment Marnie agreed to go out on a date with you, but her newfound interest could have come from your renewed confidence and the fact that you asked her out. Was there anything else that seemed otherwise impossible or supernatural in nature?

Eric I was convinced when she said yes. Well, I started to believe, really. And yes, I felt like everything I wanted was happening, from grades to people wanting to be around me more. Honestly, though, it was the feeling within. I felt like God.

J.H. You mentioned your life was a living hell before the pastor’s intervention (is it correct to call it an exorcism?) What was happening at that time?

Eric It was hell, hearing voices speak to me, what they were telling me to do ( I thought I was crazy). And yes, it was an exorcism. There was so much evil happening in the house, in my life.

J.H. How did your family find out what was going on? When did you tell them, and how did they take it?

Eric They found out years later. They knew things were going on in the house but didn’t know it was because of me. I told them in 2012, the same year as the exorcism, and they took it hard. I thought they would hate me. They didn’t; (they were) just upset that I didn’t seek their help.

J.H. What happened after the pastor’s intervention? How was your life in comparison once it was over? Did you suffer any lasting ill effects, physically or mentally?

Eric I felt like a new person. I felt so much freedom that I didn’t have before. I felt like a human again. I didn’t suffer any physical effects, long term anyway, but still to this day I think about it, think about the people I converted. I think about the things I saw. The show didn’t (give) the entire story, just what they could fit into 45 minutes.

J.H. Paranormal Witness has been accused of exaggerating or fabricating events. There were some elements in The Contract episode that seem fantastical (your mother grabbed by something under the bed while your father was in the room; the Magus license plate; your eyes turning blue; the black smoke that came from your mouth during the intervention). Were any of these elements exaggerated or created for entertainment value? Was anything in your story falsified on the show?

Eric A lot of it was true. (My mother) did get grabbed by her legs, but it was while she was laying in bed. Nothing pulled her under the bed. I had more family there that night and the priest had seven other people with him. There was so much that happened. (Note from J.H. – I have asked Eric to elaborate but have yet to receive an answer. Should I receive one, I’ll update this post.)

J.H. You mentioned there were aspects of your story the show didn’t include. What were they?

Eric OMG, there was so much. (What I mentioned) in the previous answer was the majority of them. And things everyone saw that night, stuff that happened to other people there.

J.H.  I assume you believe in Satan, or at least demons, after your experience. Was this something you believed in before this happened? How has your faith changed from this experience?

Eric I did believe before; I was brought up in a Christian home. After a while I felt like God wasn’t giving me what i wanted. I was being a spoiled kid, and I was taught from other Satanists that, in a nutshell, Lucifer was being picked on. We sin but God forgives us, so why not Satan? So I started to think maybe God was jealous of Lucifer because he figured it out.

J.H. Whatever happened to the people you recruited? Once you discovered the truth about the “game,” did you warn them? Did others have similar experiences?

Eric I did warn a lot and a lot turned from their ways. Others I wasn’t fortunate enough to tell. That’s the part that still hurts to this day.

J.H. Sorry for this, but people will wonder, so I have to ask…some of the symptoms you were experiencing (voices telling you to kill, etc.) sound like schizophrenia or other mental illness. Was a physician ever consulted in your case? Was mental illness ever considered? (No offense meant.)

Eric Yes, it was actually and none taken, by the way. But yes, even I thought I was (mentally ill). I know now it wasn’t an illness. I didn’t have anything like that before I worshipped the devil and none since I was saved.

J.H. It’s a huge leap of faith, so to speak, to talk about something so personal and extraordinary on television. When you were approached by the show, were you at all hesitant about being interviewed? How about your family? What made you decide to do the interview? Was it difficult for any of your family members to talk publicly about what happened?

Eric I was not into it at first. I didn’t want it out there; I didn’t want to look like a fool. After a while I realized others need to know. Maybe this is my way of helping someone else who is considering it or already in it. My family members were like me–they didn’t want to do it, especially my dad. (The show) came to me about it actually, about a year later.

J.H. What was the aftermath of being on Paranormal Witness? Did the show impact your life in any way?

Eric Yeah, I feel like maybe I reached someone. I ended up getting a lot of Facebook Friend requests, but one person I actually talk to was going through something very similar. And I was able to help in a big way.

J.H. The internet being a lot more sophisticated now, if the “game” still existed, there would be tons of information, reviews, etc. about it that could be found in a web search. That said, do you think this is still happening in some form? Looking back, were there warning signs you missed that could help others now?

Eric Yes, it’s definitely still happening, and I do a lot of research still to this day, fighting against it. I did three videos on Youtube talking about it and exposing it. Honestly, I was a kid, I wanted the world, and I didn’t even look at signs.

J.H. If another person found himself in a similar situation and asked for your advice, what would you say?

Eric STOP is what i would say. I would tell them that, while it looks like luxury right now, later there is a price to pay that may cost you your life, and lastly, I’d tell them there is a saviour who can help.

J.H. How has your life and your outlook on life changed as a result of this experience? How is your life now? Has there been any kind of relapse since?

Eric I’ve gotten closer to God because, instead of believing on faith I believe because of proof now. And no, I have had no relapse or even come close.

J.H. You’re now involved with a paranormal investigations team. What made you decide to get involved? How has that experience been for you? Have you had any other paranormal encounters during your involvement with them?

Eric Yeah, I’ve seen things since but I know it’s not of good but of evil. I guess I feel it’s like being a cop and taking the bad guys off the streets.

J.H. Is there anything about your story or experiences you wish people knew? Any misconception(s) you’d like to clear up?

Eric There’s a lot more to the story. It would take a huge book or documentary to tell it all, and I wish there was a way everyone could hear the whole thing. I do however want people to know that we don’t need luxury in life if it’s gained through evil.

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us, Eric. Any respectful questions for him? I can’t promise he’ll respond, but I’ll do my best to get answers for you.

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  1. Anna

    I’ll admit I’m not sure what to believe here.

    • JH

      Did you watch the show, Anna? After speaking to Eric at length and seeing his interview with Paranormal Witness, I believe him. He’s still tore up over it and heartbroken over what he put his family through. I’ve never believed in this sort of thing, but I believe him, if that makes sense.

    • Mike

      I can’t help wondering about Marnie. She made the story seem bittersweet given that things worked out. Does Eric still talk to her, does she know what happened? I’m very sorry for Eric and his family but I believe them. Courageous souls, all.

      • Reed

        Is there any way to find out more about this. I love this episode and it needs more coverage.

    • Mike

      It’s real. I went through a absolute nightmare and almost lost my life day after day. Suffered the voices, objects moving and seeing several things that should not happen as well as being touched about 4 times after challenging evil that same night. Money means nothing. People who don’t believe in Jesus Christ have no way of seeing or understanding what they are seeing until they are saved it’s like every single thing in life is clear on a elevated level of awareness to danger that was non existent before . This video started it. I created my own contract and got lead into the closest thing to hell besides the actual one after death. One thing made it stop. Jesus Christ my hero

      • JH

        Thanks for commenting, Mike. I’m so sorry that happened to you, but it’s nice to have some corroboration of this story, especially since many people find it so hard to believe. How did you find the video game?

      • Reed schmidt

        What video? U watched this episode?

  2. Samantha Bryant

    Interesting. I see what you mean about his sincerity. I don’t really believe that G-d or the devil are forces that work in our lives quite this directly, but there is something compelling about his story.

    • JH

      Very much so. Even though I’m agnostic, I truly believe his family experienced those things. Which is incredibly disturbing. If that can be real, what else?

  3. Linda George

    He mentioned wishing a book could be written that includes everything. YOU should write that book! He trusts you and wants his story told. I would read that book!

    • Eric

      If there was a book I would definitely want her to write it. She is a gifted writer and has a way with words. Thank you for reading this story.

    • Amber

      Hi Radnee, I am one of Eric’s sisters. My husband was actually there the night everything happened but was not mentioned in the tv episode. I can 100% attest to everything. There was physical things that happened in my parents house that night and many nights when I lived there myself. Physical things that even happened to my husband. Eric and my husband Mitch were both affected physically by things that night.

  4. Barbara in

    I have the video marked to watch when I have time. As a Christian, I do believe there is a devil. I have felt the presence of evil. The Bible tells is Satan is the author of lies and one of his many names is the Deceiver. He delights in perverting truth; mixing a small nugget of truth with lies, distortion and deception so it will “seem” reasonable. I also believe people can be possessed of Satan and his demons, as the Lord Jesus cast out many.

    All that said, to say that Eric’s story is plausible and possible. I also have trouble taking whole stories hook, line and sinker if I don’t know the people involved, haven’t been there, etc. And I have no doubt some amount of dramatic license was used by the show. That neither credits or discounts Eric’s story.

    What worries me most, is the thousands among thousands that are deceived by Satan every day, without actually being possessed. All the half truths the world is swallowing. Blinding them to the love of God.

    If I could ask Eric a question, it would be whether he had ever accepted Christ as Savior & Lord before this experience. He stated he had grown up in a Christian home, but made no mention of his own faith or lack thereof.

    Being in a Christian home or even attending church does not make one a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes one a car.

    Good interview!

  5. Kim

    Hi I am Kim Eric’s mom that is something that happened to our family that we all that was present here that night will never forget.No I was not pulled under the bed ,but something was rubbing my leg under the covers they added things to the show but there was so much left out Eric did not have smoke coming from his mouth and his eyes did not turn blue but they were as black as black could be ,We had a good Christain home but you never know what your kids are doing behind close doors you just raise them as God wants but they do what they want we all have ,But I pray no one ever has to go thru the things that we went thru ,

    • JH

      Thanks so much for commenting, Kim. My heart goes out to you and your family. I appreciate your willingness to share your story.

  6. Amber

    Anna, I am one of Eric’s sisters. My husband Mitch was there that night but not ever mentioned in the tv episode. Between Eric and Mitch so much physically happened to them. Mitch stayed by my brothers side the whole night. He was physically lifted by my brother that night with the strength that no one man could have in one arm without something truly impacting your life. A crazy fact that was mentioned in the episode was that when the exorcism was complete the animals for miles were going crazy. What wasn’t mentioned was what I experienced at my house on the other side of the county. At that time I woke up and looked at the clock. It was a little after 3am. My house was filled with the smell of citrus. When I mentioned it to everyone that had been at my moms that night they said the the same thing had happened at their house. I know something’s just sound to false. But TRUST me, it’s real. Things even happened in my home when I moved out. We were told that it was because of the things I brought from my parents house. Believe me when I say it is real…Satan and God.

  7. Randee

    Whoa, Amber! Scary, seriously. Thanks for writing!

  8. Liesbet

    Intriguing story, for sure. I do believe Eric in what he experienced, but I don’t feel like he is giving many details or in-depth answers in the interview, which always makes me a bit leery. Great topic and great questions, J.H.! And, yes, you, or he (with your help) should/could write the whole experience in book form!

    • JH

      I was a little concerned his answers would make people leery. He said more in our informal Facebook chats, but ultimately, Eric is a not a professional communicator, which has a lot to do with it. I’m sure the trauma doesn’t help, either.

      Thanks for the kind words.

  9. Toi Thomas

    It’s clear that this interview is interesting and pulls people in with questions and ‘what ifs’. I don’t see anything here that clearly proves or disproves what is said to have happened to Eric, though I do consider him sincere in what he believes. I am a Christian and do believe in heaven and hell, but there are a few things that bother me about this.

    At the end, Eric states he believes by proof and not faith (the basis of Christianity is faith). He said he was raised in a Christian home, but mentions nothing of his personal faith before the game. And while it’s great to hear that he hasn’t had a relapse, he doesn’t seem to acknowledge that people face so many levels of evil every day without being possessed (true believers combat evil with their faith).

    I’m sorry this happened to him and his family and am glad it’s over now, but, to me, there’s something off about this whole situation. This is something I will pray about to seek to understand. In any case, I’m happy he’s able to help others and is telling this story so people can talk about it.

    • JH

      Great points, Toi. To be fair to Eric, he was merely answering the questions I asked him, and I didn’t ask him about the evil people face every day. I’m sure he knows not everyone becomes possessed, but I’m not sure what his faith was like before this happened. I imagine he was like a lot of teenagers and turned away from it for a time, but that’s only speculation on my part.

  10. Tamara Narayan

    Fascinating story and an earlier commenter was right: this would make a compelling book.

    • JH

      I’m not sure Eric has the budget for a project that big, but should a publisher or agent read this…

  11. Nikki B.

    I’m not one to quickly discredit or doubt the experiences of others. I think it’s hard for any of us to believe things completely that we haven’t witnessed ourselves, and I also think it’s why so many struggle with the idea of faith. As a person of faith, who most definitely believes in heaven and hell and God and the devil, I think there are many things we still don’t understand and can’t explain when it comes to the supernatural. Eric’s sincerity is what stood out to me the most and I sensed nothing but a genuine concern for others from him.

    My personal opinion is that it doesn’t matter what type of a home you grew up in, it matters what you believe and have accepted into your heart. I’m no less susceptible to certain things than anyone else, and we all have the capacity for evil within us if we open certain doors. I’m glad that Eric took what he went through and has tried to turn it into something positive. That, I believe, is the most important thing of all. =)

    I also agree with everyone else and think it would be great if you were the one to write his story! You are not only an excellent writer but value the truth and objectivity as well.

    • JH

      Thanks, Nikki. I’m glad you also saw the same sincerity that struck me. He’s a good guy who has turned his life around for the better.

  12. Kim

    I am Erics mom if there is any questions you all have feel free to ask .That was a night I will never forget its been a little over 3 yrs now but I can tell you the whole story as if it had happened last night our story will never change I never thought in my life time that we would ever go thru something like this .If it had not hapoened to our family and it was someone eles family I would probaly be alot like some of the people on here jyst wondering if this could be real until that night I had only seen things like this on TV.

  13. Laurie Reed

    I believe Eric’s story. First it was the millions of flies in my house then I saw him one night when I was sleeping. I heard something and woke up and something told me to look in the closet. There were no doors. And I saw him. A super tall thin handsome man. With the bluest eyes I have ever seen. And black hair. He reached for me and I reached back and touched the tips of his fingers. And never saw him again. I didn’t know who he was. But to my surprise he didn’t scare me. I felt comfortable around him. But he was so tall that he had to bend over so his head wouldn’t touch the ceiling. And he had a black suit on with black shoes. That was my house in St Louis. Now where I have lived for the last 5 years kids and some adults are scared to go in my room because of the man in the closet. I still experience alot. Two days ago I woke up with deep scratches on my right arm. When I was a teenager I was in black magic and worshipped the devil till I was about 25. Then became a church goer but still experienced things. Then in 2015 I went back to Satan. Now I am in church again. But still experience things. He’s here. He followed me. And he follows me wherever I go. And that is the truth. For the unbelievers if you don’t believe me I don’t care. You don’t have to live through it. I’ve lived with real demons since I was 13. IAM 40 now.

    • JH

      That’s really scary, Laurie. Do you have anyone in your community who can help you?

  14. Dan

    Thank you for this post and Eric sharing his story. I have to admit circumstances have recently tested my faith which is what drew me to watch this episode and ultimately find this post. I hope this discussion has helped others the way it has helped me.

    • JH

      I’m so glad it helped you, Dan. Hope you’re okay.

  15. Chelsea Batchelor

    Here’s a question…why is it that you can’t find anything about the game online, other than it referring to this story and message boards discussing it? How is there no physical evidence that the site that hosted “the game” ever existed?

    • Carol

      My question exactly. No one has ever responded including the guy’s family here so the whole thing is skeptical.

      • JH

        The family did respond to a couple of comments, but they either forgot to check after a while or got tired of it. I realize it’s a story that’s hard to believe, but the reason I wanted to interview Eric is that I was struck by how sincere he was. Either this stuff happened like they say, or they honestly believe that it did.

  16. Kaightie Clements

    People who don’t believe these things exist should talk to ex-satanic leaders like Zachary King, who’s now converted to Catholicism.
    My old parish priest printed a book in 1989, about his experiences with victims of satanic ritualism and seen people who are possessed and refused to be saved. Scary stuff. His book, Kingdom of Darkness, use to be hard to find.
    I think once you see the darkness, you’ll carry it with you for the rest of your life. I use to be into that crap but it is strange that a lot of times the Virgin Mary comes to our rescue. Motherly grace, that gives her embrace, I guess.
    For those who don’t know, Emily Rose is actually based off a demon possessed girl from Germany, named Anneliese Michel. Good book there too!
    I’m big into exorcisms but cannot gain much knowledge due to confidentiality of the cases, plus it’s a very dangerous subject to study whether one believes or not. I like to know my enemy before going to war, I don’t care what certain Catholic Church authorities says about giving the devil attention or interest is wrong.
    I love these stories! Thanks for sharing them to us!


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