the bear who wouldn’t leave

Sometimes evil looks like a fuzzy teddy bear.

Still grieving the untimely death of his dad, ten-year-old Josh Leary is reluctant to accept a well-worn teddy bear from his new stepfather.

He soon learns he was right to be wary. Edgar is no ordinary toy, and he doesn’t like being rejected. When Josh banishes him to the closet, terrible things happen.

Desperate to be rid of the bear, Josh engages the help of a friend. As the boys’ efforts rebound on them with horrifying results, Josh is forced to accept the truth—Edgar will always get even.

(This book will soon be released by a different publisher and is temporarily unavailable.)


Childhood fears anthology

released by Samhain Horror
in october 2015

Includes J.H. Moncrieff’s The Bear Who Wouldn’t Leave, along with stories by Bram Stoker Award-winner L.L. Soares and J.G. Faherty, a Bram Stoker Award nominee.




Police Chief Jake Glover is used to being on the right side of the law, but when his girlfriend’s thirteen-year-old daughter is brutally gang-raped and murdered, everything changes. Obsessed with finding the killer, Jake is willing to do anything to get revenge.

When a mentally unstable youth confesses to the crime, the close-knit Minnesota community believes they’ve found their scapegoat, but Jake’s instincts tell him the boy is innocent. In order to save the boy from the town’s mob mentality, Jake must bring the true killers to justice, even if it means taking the law into his own hands.

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