“J.H. Moncrieff is a bold new voice in horror and supernatural suspense.”

Chuck Wendig, New York Times Bestselling Author of Blackbirds

The five creepiest children in film

Ah, children. They're so sweet, so innocent. Or are they? Many a scary movie has used a child to up the fear factor. Maybe it's a demon child, or a satanic baby, or just one creepy-ass kid. I've learned some very practical things from a lifetime of watching scary...

Ten scary movies that are worth the time

For a while, scary movies were a dime a dozen. Production companies like Lion's Gate were pumping them out left and right, and let's face it--most of them sucked. It is really difficult to produce a truly scary movie. Most movies simply show too much. Guillermo del...

Should killers get a second chance?

Kirsten Costas was one of those kids who seemed to have everything going for her. A native Californian, Costas was from an affluent family. She was cute, did well in school, and was extremely popular. Costas tended to get what she wanted, whether it was a coveted spot...


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Meet J.H.

Raised in the far north, amid Jack London’s world of dog sleds and endless winters, J.H. Moncrieff has been obsessed with psychological suspense, mysteries, and true crime for as long as she can remember. She’s endlessly fascinated by what makes people tick and has visited many of the world’s most haunted places.