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Click here to listen to the twelth episode of The Write Cast with myself, romance author Elle Rush, and YA author Drew Kozub. In this instalment, we discuss fitness for writers: how to keep yourself mentally and physically fit when the writing life is a sedentary mindf*ck. Add your own fitness tips by commenting on our Soundcloud page.

Monsters in Our Wake

Monsters in Our Wake by J.H. MoncrieffIn the idyllic waters of the South Pacific lurks a dangerous and insatiable predator; a monster whose bloodlust and greed threatens the very survival of our planet…the oil industry.

Thousands of miles from the nearest human settlement, deep on the ocean floor, ancient creatures have lived peacefully for millennia. But when an oil drill bursts through their lair, Nøkken attacks, damaging the drilling ship’s engine and trapping the desperate crew.

The longer the humans remain in Nøkken’s territory, struggling to repair their ailing ship, the more confrontations occur between the two species. When the death toll rises, the crew turns on each other, and marine geologist Flora Duchovney realizes the scariest monsters aren’t below the surface.

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the bear who wouldn’t leaveThe Bear Who Wouldn't Leave by J.H. Moncrieff

Sometimes evil looks like a fuzzy teddy bear.

Still grieving the untimely death of his dad, ten-year-old Josh Leary is reluctant to accept a
well-worn teddy bear from his new stepfather.

He soon learns he was right to be wary. Edgar is no ordinary toy, and he doesn’t like being rejected. When Josh banishes him to the closet, terrible things happen.

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