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Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!

I have to admit that Thanksgiving is not one of my favorite holidays. It’s one of those days that makes me feel like an orphan. I always end up spending it with someone’s family–usually my significant other’s–and that’s very generous and appreciated. But, as those of you who are far from your own families can understand, it’s not the same. As close as you can get to another family, they’re still not your family. So you always feel like a bit of an outsider.

Still, on a day like Thanksgiving, it’s beneficial to remember all the things we have to be thankful for. I’ve been down in the dumps since the retreat, so it’s even more important for me to count my blessings.

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for:

  1. My loving relationship with a man who is supportive, loyal, and dependable. I can’t take that for granted.
  2. My two cats–an unending supply of unconditional love.
  3. The fact that I was finally able to finish a new novel after five years of rewriting and inertia.
  4. My friends, who are always there for me.
  5. My health. Can’t ever take that for granted, either.
  6. I have a roof over my head and my debt will be gone by the end of next year…light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. The success of this blog and the new friends I have made.
  8. I was finally able to travel again this year–to Mexico and the Catskills.
  9. That my relationship with my family has healed to the point where I can spend time with them without nastiness. It still isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than I ever thought it would be.
  10. Good food shared with good company, and lots of great books to read.

What are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving? (And if it’s not Thanksgiving where you are, feel free to add your gratitude list, too. Being thankful doesn’t have to be reserved for a specific day.)

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  1. Kath

    It is not yet Thanksgiving here in KY, but thanks to you, I’m taking time I should take daily to be thankful. Thank you. (Is that enough ‘thanks’ in two sentences?)
    After a year of challenges:
    I am grateful for my husband. Always supportive even when we’re growling at each other.
    Grateful for our health. So grateful.
    Certainly not grateful for my father’s death, but grateful that over 13 years of twice daily emails between us, he trained me to write mini essays which led me to starting my humorous blog.
    Lots to give thanks for. Think I’ll go do that now.

  2. Madeline Mora-Summonte

    Years ago, Oprah talked about doing a gratitude journal where at the end of the day, you list five things you’re grateful for. I’ve been doing it for years and it’s really amazing how I always have something to write down. Even after a bad day, I can always find those five things. They might be small and seem silly but they got me through that day.

  3. Story Teller

    Thanks for your comments, Kath and Madeline! So glad that you’re here.

    @ Kath – I’m so happy my blog inspired you in such a positive way. That is great list. Sorry to hear about your father.

    @ Madeline – Funny, I almost mentioned the O gratitude journal in this post. I used to keep one when I was in a particularly soul-sucking job. I honestly believe that the small things in life can be the most important. People who can take joy in the small stuff are usually happier than those who don’t.

  4. Jocé

    Hello Holli,
    I’d like to offer a ‘post holiday’ comment. I admire your early start – posting at 5 a.m. on your day off, now that is dedication. I really appreciate your blog, it is a great read, a real treat.
    Yes, I made my thankful list too, and agree we have much to be thankful for here in Canada. Must confess I like this holiday because it is laid back and doesn’t involve gifts; no frantic “holiday shopping” 🙂 Cheers.

  5. Story Teller

    Oh, thanks so much, Jocé. I am so honored that you appreciate it, especially since I love your writing so much. It means the world to me that I write something *you* like to read.

    And yes, you’re right – no frantic holiday shopping, just frantic cooking! 🙂


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