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Writer J.A. Konrath (you may know him from his successful Jack Daniels murder mystery series) wants to prove a point. For months, he’s been touting the validity of ebooks and epublishing, and now he wants you to “steal” one of his books.

Do pirates who steal electronic versions of books hurt actual ebook sales? Joe doesn’t believe so, and he wants to prove the naysayers wrong, so he encourages everyone to download his book Jack Daniels Stories for free. He’ll monitor the number of free downloads over the coming months to see if they really do hurt his sales. (However, if you’d like to donate something to Joe, you can do so by following the instructions on his blog.)

I first came into contact with Joe through the Backspace Writer’s Forum, which I was an early/founding member of. I was inspired by his hard-won success story, and I’m intrigued with his current success in ebook publishing. Joe’s a great guy, and he’s spent tons of his time helping other writers and giving them advice for free. So let’s help him out! Download his book, and if you share it on your blog, web site, or another file-sharing site, you can post that link as a comment.

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