With hundreds of class hours instructing domestic and international students in a wide array of writing and marketing programs, I am a highly skilled instructor known for being adaptable, approachable, creative, and fun.

My sense of humour and compassion are what sets me apart, and I build relationships with many of my students that last long after their time in the classroom ends.

I’ve developed online and in-class courses for universities, colleges, bookstores, and libraries, and am comfortable in both virtual and in-person learning environments.

One of the best talks I ever heard about social media for authors was given by novelist J.H. Moncrieff. She had way more material to share than could fit in a single hour. I wanted to suck the info from her brain!

Tess Gerritsen

international bestselling author of The Bone Garden and creator of Rizzoli & Isles

I find J.H.’s teaching style to be down to earth and encouraging. This and her knowledge of the literary landscape provides me confidence in her abilities. As a budding writer, I am happy that I am learning the craft under her guidance.

LaVona Parker

Red River College student

I wish I could properly describe the value of her feedback. I have wanted to try writing for many years now. Thank you, J.H., for the great boost in confidence you have given me!

Melody McMahon Hawryluk

Red River College student

Each and every aspect of this course is interesting. There is a great level of engagement and participation from both sides. I love my instructor and her approachable nature.

Falak Trivedi

J.H. is an amazing instructor, all the time interacting with us and encouraging us to learn and love writing and speaking.

I learned so many useful things that are going to help me in my job. I like how J.H. managed the class, always with enthusiasm and clarity.

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