Looking for career advice? You’ve come to the right place. With decades of experience as an author, editor, teacher, journalist, public relations practitioner, communications specialist, and marketing director, I can help you develop a plan that will drive you forward and help you reach your goals.

Whether your question is about how to get published, how to find an agent, how to make money as an author, how to market your work, how to manage your time more effectively, or which direction you should move in next, I’ll provide the expert guidance you need.

Consulting services are available on an hourly basis, or contact me for a longer-term coaching plan.

She is very personable and approachable, and very receptive to questions, even elementary ones! The information and knowledge provided seemed well worth the consult fee.

I would recommend consulting with J.H. Moncrieff to anyone interested in learning about the ropes of traditional publishing today—and self-publishing too.

Kevan Kenneth Bowkett

consulting client and author

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