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Scary True Stories: The comic book killer

This week I’m welcoming back author Hunter Shea, who has another tale of true-life horror to share. Take it away, Hunter!

They say that art imitates life. In 2016, the unique world of graphic comics learned that sometimes, art inspires life.

The police were called to a West Hollywood apartment, searching for a missing Ukranian woman named Iana Kasian. A man answered their knock, but refused to let them in. Attempts to push the door open were thwarted, as furniture had been stacked against it. When the man inside finally relented and let them in, the cops came upon a scene so grisly, it was destined to haunt the men in blue for the rest of their lives.

The agitated resident stood beside his bed. On that bed was the naked, battered, bruised and scalped corpse of Iana Kasian. The coroner would list her cause of death as exsanguination. Almost every drop of blood had been drained from her body. It was the stuff of horror movies.

Nearby, unharmed, was the couple’s two-month-old baby. The man, whom the police soon learned was trust-fund baby Blake Leibel, seemed not to care that his girlfriend lay murdered in front of him. He took no blame, only telling them in a faraway, disinterested tone that he guessed it was now their job to find her killer.

Who was Blake Leibel? He was the son of a Canadian former Olympian turned real-estate mogul. Blake and his brother had come to Los Angeles many years earlier to start their own careers. Blake yearned to be part of the Hollywood scene. And to a degree, he accomplished that goal. He’d worked as a director and animator. He was even a consultant on the Space Balls cartoon, working with the legendary Mel Brooks.

What he wanted most was to break into the world of comic books. Specifically, graphic novels. He hired a team to create his dream work, a graphic novel called “Syndrome”. This was where art begins to portend the future life of Blake. You see, “Syndrome” is about a convicted serial killer. In one scene, the killer flashes back to a treasured memory – a corpse hanging naked from its feet, throat slit, every drop of blood drained from the body. Even eerier, the cover of “Syndrome” is a close up of a baby, its scalp peeled back to reveal its brains.

Why did Blake commit such a brutal crime? Did he, in fact, murder his young, beautiful girlfriend in cold blood?

To this day, no one knows. People who knew Blake admit he had a dark side. He loved gory movies and could have a black sense of humor. In 2015, his personality seemed to change overnight. He divorced his wife and started dating Kasian. He pushed friends and family away, diving headfirst into his desire to be recognized as a comic-book creator. He may have been a little strange, perhaps going through some emotional crisis. But to kill in such brutal fashion? To cut away Kasian’s scalp with cruel precision, peel it completely off and remove part of her face. To beat and torture her. To drain her blood while she was still alive, potentially suffering up to eight hours before her heart simply gave out. It seems almost inconceivable. To this day, some who know him well swear he couldn’t have done it.

There was a theory that he was framed by the Russian mafia, who wanted to get back at his family for Blake’s brother’s gambling debts. It seems like a long shot. Blake was there, in the room, within the barricaded apartment, with an almost sociopathic reaction to the horror before him.

And if he did do it, why?

Was “Syndrome” his staging ground for his darkest, most twisted desires? Did he hope to exorcise the demons lurking in his soul? Did the failure of the comic book lead him to act out, in splashes of crimson, the deeds in black ink that had done little to quell his needs?

Blake isn’t telling. At least, not yet.

He may get the death penalty for his crime.

Dead men tell no tales.


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  1. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    Blake does seem the most likely killer. Not sure what he hoped to get out of it though.
    Those three stories sound chilling all right.

    • JH

      Could just be a complete psychopath. Seems there’s at least a bit of psychopathology going on.

      Hunter’s work is so much fun. Highly recommend him.

  2. Random Musings

    It seems a bit far-fetched to think the mafia would stage a scene from the guy’s comic

    • JH

      I know, right? True that.

  3. Mary Aalgaard

    I’m shocked that he wasn’t convicted since he was barricaded in the apartment with her. Gruesome. Looks like you have some riveting horror stories, Hunter.

    • JH

      Hunter’s stories are awesome. I highly recommend him. So far, my favourite of his is We Are Always Watching, but the Mail Order Massacres series sounds like a lot of fun too.

      As an added bonus, he’s a super nice guy who bends over backwards to support other authors.

  4. Loni Townsend

    Dude. Creepy. Glad the baby was unharmed, but geez.

    • JH

      Trust Hunter to bring out the creepy!

  5. L. Diane Wolfe

    That is just disgusting. That poor baby – mom is dad and dad will be dead soon.

    • JH

      Yes, it’s a pretty tragic story, but at least the child was spared. Too often they aren’t.

  6. Birgit

    That person is guilty and his total unfeeling manner to the police tells me that he was a serial killer in the making. When one looks into the psyche of a killer like this one sees that they may be sociopathic, psychopathic or both finally succumbing to his dark side as it were. I am just glad the baby was unharmed but I feel so bad for her, her family, the child now having no mother and a father who did kill this woman and the parents of the killer. very ghastly

    • JH

      Hopefully she gets adopted into a good home.

  7. Liesbet

    Totally creepy! I assume the photos on top are of Blake and Iana? What a true life horror story. But, I’m glad Blake was prevented from turning into a serial killer. I didn’t know California had the death sentence still. I’m convinced Blake was the killer as well. How could he not be in this situation…

    PS: love the box for follow-up comments, JH! 🙂

    • JH

      I’m glad you like it. Ask and ye shall receive. 😉

      And yes, the photos are of Blake and Iana.

    • JH

      And everyone thinks Canadians are so nice….

  8. Heather M. Gardner

    Yikes! Sounds like that should have been an open and shut case. That poor kid. Let’s hope they grow up with a great family.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Best of luck!

  9. Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor

    Wow, that is so utterly gruesome. Interesting theory that it might have been the Russian mafia. Scary to think that he might have actually done that himself.

  10. Toi Thomas

    Wow. That’s crazy. If Blake didn’t do it, who’d be the next best suspect? Seems like he’s probably the guy and he probably needs mental help.

    • JH

      I would say. And to spend his life in prison.

  11. C. Lee McKenzie

    This is the most gruesome story I’ve read in a long time. My heart broke when it included a two-year-old.

    • JH

      Agreed…it is extremely sad.


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