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What is my ideal self?

Have I done anything worth remembering lately?
What activities make me lose track of time?
What needs to exist that hasn’t been invented yet?
What three things would I take to a deserted island?
When was the last time I truly felt happy, and why?
Who do I love, and what am I doing about it?
What would I do if money weren’t an issue?
If I had one year left to live, how would I spend the time? One week? One day? One hour?
Michael Keaton, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, or Christian Bale?
What would I do differently if I knew no one would judge me?
If I had the chance to get a message out to a large group of people, what would it be?
Do I celebrate the good things in my life?
Am I holding onto something I need to let go of?
Should Oprah always be on the cover of her magazine?
If I had to do one thing for the rest of my life, what would it be?
Why haven’t I started the Seinfeld Productivity Secret like J.H. suggested?
Feel free to share some of your answers in the comments! I’d love to know if these questions resulted in any lightbulb moments for you.
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Bish Denham

    These are most excellent questions!

    If I had the chance to get a message out to a large group of people, what would it be? Love one another.

    Do I celebrate the good things in my life? Yes! Particularly breathing!

    Have I done anything worth remembering lately? I worked with abused, neglected and abused children and many of them have told me I was instrumental helping to save their lives. What more could I ever want?

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Thanks for commenting, Bish. I love your answers. It sounds like you have a very meaningful job. What do you do?

      And I love your message. 🙂

    • Bish Denham

      I worked for 23 years with abused kids. I’m retired now and write.

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Wow, what an amazing role you had in so many lives. Sounds like you definitely earned your retirement.

  2. jennyfreedman

    George Clooney of course! Thank heavens for questions to put ones life into perspective!

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Ah, but bonus question–did you know what role that question was referring to? For that particular role, I am Michael Keaton all the way. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Jenny, are you participating in A to Z? I can’t find you. Please send me your link if you can.

  3. Chrys Fey

    All great questions! These two especially hit home to me right now: “When was the last time I truly felt happy, and why?” and “What would I do if money weren’t an issue?”

    I would chose Christian Bale, but him as Batman. 😉 And no, I don’t think Oprah should always be on her cover. She needs to mix things up a bit and put people she admires on the cover, and not be with them.

    • Holli Moncrieff

      I totally agree! I get that after the Vogue shoot she felt it was so much fun to be a cover model, but enough already. It’s been YEARS.

      I’m glad some of these provided good food for thought. And you got the drift of the Bale question–extra gold star for you!

  4. Jess * Jessie * Jessy

    Wonderful questions! That was my Q word too. I don’t celebrate the good things enough. Food for thought!

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Thanks, Jess! You know what they say…great minds think alike. I’ll be sure to check out your post.

  5. chrystal

    That was very thought provoking post. Happy a to z…

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Thanks Chrystal. We’re over the halfway mark now!

  6. Frank Powers

    If I remember, I’m going to devote a blog post to answering these one by one.

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Awesome! Be sure to tag me so I don’t miss it, but I am going to try to stay in touch with you after the challenge.


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