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Meeting of the Minds

There we were–the playwright, the young adult novelist, the romance writer who’s known to delve into the kinky side of things, and a certain creator of dark supernatural tales. On the surface, it may look like we don’t have a lot in common. But we’re all writers, and that’s a commonality that makes up for all the differences.

Last night–the very first writer’s group get-together–was a fabulous meeting of the minds.

I believe I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying twice–I don’t think anyone can really “get” a writer like another writer. It’s a tough, isolating, lonely job, and it is a job. As much as we love it, we also do whatever we can to avoid it. Until we’re back in that mystic Zone, and then nothing can tear us away from our project and we’re annoying as hell.

Our new group started the first meeting with some very auspicious news. Our Romantic had received her first rewrite-and-resubmit request from a publisher. This is known in the writing community as a Very Big Deal. It means that a member of our little group is already standing very close to publication. Of course, the deal may fall through, but chances are, if she makes the small tweaks requested, she will get paid for her novella. Which is awesome. And rare. And very much worthy of celebrating.

Our YA scribe–let’s call him Mr. Fantastic, because he often writes in the fantasy genre, went home from the meeting and wrote 1000 words on his latest project, which hadn’t been getting much attention lately. And if a writer’s meeting results in actual writing, instead of just talking about writing, so much the better. That alone makes it a success in my books.

I took a chance with The Playwright. (He also writes novels and short stories, by the way, which is why he’s a member.) I’d only met him once, at a wrap party for a play I’d never seen, and by the time I arrived at said party, everyone was in their cups and laughing at inside jokes. I don’t think we said a word to each other that night, and I wasn’t sure he’d even remember me, but he was interesting and funny, and I thought, “I wish there was an opportunity to talk to that guy some more. He seems like someone who would be really fun to hang out with.” Then I heard that he was a great writer. And our group was looking for a fourth, preferably a guy. Could be fate, could be happy coincidence, but The Playwright fit the bill. And he was brave enough to show up to the meeting. I give him full credit for that!

So that’s the new writing group. We don’t have a name yet. We also don’t have an agenda, or any real clue of what we want from the group, because we were too busy talking about authors and books and past projects and future projects and life and the universe to get down to business. Which leads me to the very best part of this new group.

We have chemistry, that inexplicable, crucial quality that determines the success or failure of any new relationship. I wasn’t sure if we’d have it or not–chemistry is difficult to predict. Sure, I’ve been friends with Mr. Fantastic (which almost sounds like a porn name, come to think of it–perhaps it’s an unfortunate choice) for years, and love his writing. And I got along well with the Romantic at my old writer’s group. But there was no guarantee that they’d like each other. And The Playwright was a complete wild card. He could have thought we were all nuts. But thankfully, if he did, it’s in a good way and we’ve all agreed to meet again in two weeks. In the meantime, I’m creating a Google group so we can deal with the logistics on-line.

A beginning this good is a great way to kick off the weekend. How about you, dear readers? Want to share a story about when you last connected with someone who really “got” you? It’s a wonderful feeling.

CONGRATS again to our soon-to-be PUBLISHED Romantic!

Comic used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at Inkygirl.com.

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  1. Ev Bishop

    Congratulations on finding/creating such a great fit! It is _wonderful_ to experience that “they get me” feeling.

  2. Story Teller

    Hi Ev! Welcome back to the blog – I missed you. And thanks for your kind comment.

  3. Laura Best

    “-I don’t think anyone can really “get” a writer like another writer.” I’ve never belonged to a writing group mainly because I’m too far away from other writers, but I’ve met several writers for coffee lately and there is never a loss for conversation. We talk for hours. It is like you say we “get” each other.

    Your group sounds wonderful, Holli. You are very fortunate.

  4. Story Teller

    Hi, Laura! I find that the best groups I’ve ever been in for writing, I started myself. Then I can decide what will work for me, and choose like-minded people. All-inclusive groups are nice, too, but you invariably come across at least one person you don’t want to spend your evenings with.

    How small is the town you live in? There must be some writers hiding there, somewhere!

    Take care,

  5. laura best

    Holli, there are about 150 people here, give or take. When I say small, I really mean minute. I have been able to reach out to a few other writers this past while which has been nice, but they are still at a distance from me as in 60 km or so.

  6. Story Teller

    Wow, that *is* small. I see your problem. Still, it’s nice that you’ve been able to connect with a few, and there’s always the Internet!


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