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IWSG: Surviving the craziest week of all time

Well, I did it.

I survived the craziest week of all time. (Note: I do not own a vehicle and rely on public transportation, which makes all this “rushing” a lot more…um, interesting.)

Monday, Oct 28: In the studio by 7 am with Drew and Karly at the local KISS FM Radio Station to promote Those Who Came Before and my launch.

(Rest of Monday spent marking papers and developing new classes for the week, even though I kept falling asleep. Oh, and choosing what to read for both launches.)

Tuesday, Oct 29: Insane marking/developing/getting ready for launch day. Anything that needed to be done to prepare for my two six-hour classes had to be done today.

Wednesday, Oct 30: In the studio by 6 am with Kahla for the local Global TV morning show to promote Those Who Came Before and my launch. (Click on the link to watch the segment.)

CJOB's Brett, Greg and meRushed home and marked furiously until I had to leave for the CJOB Radio station to chat with Greg and Brett about the book and launch. Spot was at 9:35 am. Somehow managed to finish all the marking I needed to. (Click on the link to listen to the segment.)

Home again. Quick bath so at least I wouldn’t smell at my launch. Cleaned up the place in preparation for makeup artist’s arrival. Ironed dress. Makeup artist arrives while I’m still ironing. Once makeup is finished, she takes me to the big launch.

7 pm: Official launch of Those Who Came Before begins!

9:30 pm: Launch ends.

Girlfriends at launch of Those Who Came Before

Some of my best friends with me at the launch. L t r: Lisa Saunders, who graciously agreed to do the launch interview; me; Christine Brandt; and Amanda Macdonald.

Thursday, Oct 31: Up at 6 am so I can be at the CTV Morning Show well before my segment time to promote the book and launch #2.

8:30 am: Segment ends, rush to the university to teach thirty-six students Effective Written Communications for six hours. They’re very excited about the launch, and quite a few came out to support me.

4 pm: School ends; time to rush home to get ready for book launch number #2.

7 pm: At the haunted Dalnavert Museum to promote the story I wrote during my overnight stay there. All of the writers’ stories were published in a small chapbook that was sold that evening at the launch. Signed 100 copies of the book.

Fantasmagoriana 2 Writers

Reunited with the Fantasmagoriana 2 writers in the haunted room. L t r: Dave Demchuk; me; Adam Petrash; and Jess Landry.

11 pm: Arrived home after launch and celebratory drink with the other writers. Collapsed.

Friday, Nov 1: Up at six am to teach nineteen university students Writing for Public Relations for six hours.

It’s all a blur. A big, wonderful, exhausting blur. Thanks to everyone who has supported, reviewed, and read Those Who Came Before.

Thank you to all my IWSG friends for their patience during this crazy time. I haven’t been the best blogging friend lately, but I’ll get back to it, I promise.

How was your month? I’d love to catch up.

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  1. Sarah Foster

    Wow! Glad you got through the crazy week. Sounds like it was a success!

  2. Alex J. Cavanaugh

    I’m exhausted just reading that! So many radio interviews – that’s great. Looks like the launch party was a huge success.

  3. L. Diane Wolfe

    What a wonderfully crazy week. I used to do a lot of radio interviews for my own books. I need to prompt my authors to do more because they do make a difference.

  4. Toi Thomas

    Congratulations on all the success and surviving such a special week. I’m so happy for you.

  5. Madeline Mora-Summonte

    Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing and busy week! Hopefully, you can take a little time soon to reflect and really bask in your achievements and successes. 🙂

  6. Lisa

    OH! Hope one day to have such a crazy week! Good for you and congratulations!

  7. Random Musings

    Wow that’s some week! Well done on getting through it – now schedule in some time to chill out a bit

  8. Lee Lowery

    Wow! You’ve got some amazing mojo going on there. I love that long line at your signing event. And you’re right – rushing with public trans is a lot of hurry up and wait, while stewing and fretting.

  9. Kimberly

    Sounds exhausting, but rewarding all the same!!

  10. CD Gallant-King

    Oh, finally had some free time away from your TV star lifestyle to blog with us plebs again? 😉 J/K, I am very excited for all your recent successes.

    The only part I can relate to are the classes. Teaching all day workshop/classes is so draining. And then to have the book launches and interviews in between? Ugh. Enjoy the post busy-week flu this week! (No? Is it just me that gets sick when I stop moving?)

  11. Rebecca Douglass

    Wow, that’s some week! Killing, but I’m impressed with all your work to get that kind of publicity. Teaching 6-hour classes sounds even more painful. As both student and teacher I always found 3 hours to be hard to manage, let alone six 🙂

  12. c. lee McKenzie

    That was quite a week! Glad you had such a successful one and also glad you survived.

  13. Loni Townsend

    Woohoo! Sounds like a whirlwind. Glad you survived!

  14. Patricia Josephine

    Whew. You made me tired reading all you had to do! You’ve earned a nap.

  15. Meka James

    Man I’m tired just from reading about your week! Glad you survived. Congrats on your launch!

  16. Nikki B.

    So glad you made it through the craziest week! =) It sounds like you handled it like a champ and I’m so glad it all went so well!! You have more than earned all the great things coming your way… and I think you’ve earned a nap too!

  17. Mary Aalgaard

    So much to celebrate! Glad you held up through it all. Can hardly wait to start reading “Those Who Came Before!”

  18. Ellen Jacobson

    Wow, what a crazy, crazy week! But for such a wonderful reason – your book launch! Huge congratulations 🙂

    BTW – I bet you’re an amazing teacher, full of passion and joy for writerly stuff that you share with your students.

  19. Liesbet

    I have to agree: that was a crazy, exhausting week… of a successful author! You did it, and in style. Two launch parties in one week, for two different projects, that’s pretty insane. You must be getting pretty good (and confident) at it, and at the media attention and interaction. I’m so proud of and happy for you, JH! And, I hope you managed to catch your breath a bit the following week.

    Teaching, and especially the preparations for the classes, is not to be underestimated. Having appreciative and supportive students makes it all so much more rewarding.

  20. De

    Wow, what a week! Congratulations! Time to put your feet up for a little while – you’ve earned it.

  21. Diane Burton

    WOW!!! When I read “collapsed” I thought darn right. OMG, what a launch. I’m so happy for you that you got such terrific promotion. I’m sure you worked hard to get it. Congrats on your new release!

  22. Jim Edwards

    Someones been very busy!!!

  23. Juneta Key

    Wow, sounds excited. Loved seeing the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Happy Belated IWSG!

  24. Lidy

    You say craziest week, I say kraziest week. Reading what you accomplished for the week was beyond exhausting. Despite that it sounds like you had a great time doing it. And all without a vehicle of your own. Wow.

    Congrats on your release! 😀

  25. Shannon Lawrence

    That week sounds insane! But awesome, of course. Congrats on getting through it.

  26. A.P. Fuchs

    Great launch. You did well. You were busy so thought it best to catch up either with a coffee or at another event.

    My month was busy with all sorts of writing and creative work. Glad it’s November and the start of my hibernation season.


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