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Happy Monday Dear Readers,

For years, Glamour Magazine has included a page in every issue called “Hey, it’s ok.” I’ve always loved this feature, even though it never would have dawned on me that a lot of the things they included weren’t okay.

So, in loving tribute to Glamour (and let’s be honest, some outright thievery), I decided to start my own list.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions as a comment. What do you think it’s ok to do? Or not do, for that matter?

Hey, it’s ok…

…to prefer yoga pants to actual yoga

…to still read books made out of paper

…to think vanilla and cinnamon smell better than any perfume

…to like comic books, teddy bears, or cartoons way past childhood

…to dress in bright colours when everyone else is wearing black

…to not want children

…to prefer walking to running

…to enjoy a good steak now and then

…to wear beautiful heels and then kick them off under your desk when no one’s looking

…to be so over the “Keep calm and (fill in the blank)” trend…or to never have been into it to start with

…to be a crazy cat lady. If you say you’re a “hipster” crazy cat lady, you’re actually in vogue

…to not post selfies

…to think almost anything tastes better with cheese

…to take a risk on something that has little chance of success. If you don’t try, there is no chance at all.

Your turn! What’s on your list?

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Javier

    What? Cheese tastes better than pretty much anything. It’s okay to love blue cheese and camembert.

    • Holli Moncrieff

      I agree! It’s amazing how many people hate blue cheese. I love it! And I know you can’t try it, but there is just something about blue cheese sauce on a good steak. Mmm…

      Thanks for commenting! Have an awesome week.

  2. Mystic_Mom

    …it is okay to be a faithfilled person
    …it is okay to say when something is wrong
    …it is okay to love cowboy boots
    …it is okay to remember when a good ‘self portrait’ was respectable photography
    …it is okay to dance with kids, and with complete abandon
    …it is okay to love Frozen, Despicable Me and Rio movies
    …it is okay to keep my old cassettes
    …it is okay to not be ‘okay’ somedays
    …it is okay to be over winter already, even when we live in Canada
    …it is okay to laugh at the absurd, even when the absurd is staring you in the face being offended
    …it is okay to love being tattooed
    …it is okay to add to Holli’s list! 🙂

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Thanks, Shanyn! That’s an awesome list. I didn’t know you had tattoos. How many do you have?

    • Mystic_Mom

      I have three – ankle, calf and wrist. So far…have a few more planned! 🙂 Will tag you in some pics on FB!

    • Holli Moncrieff

      The tattoo is great, but my attention was captured by the boots. They’re spectacular!

  3. Lisa

    It’s OK…
    …to wear “special occasion” jewelry every day
    …to have a special pillow that you don’t ever want to give up
    …to collect (and wear) geeky knee socks
    …to be addicted to coffee

    just a few off the top of my head!

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Great list, Lisa. What’s so special about the special pillow? And I believe geeky knee socks are now considered “hipster”, so you’re in the clear with that one!

  4. Lisa

    Not sure except that I sleep better with it than any other pillow I’ve used…maybe it’s a comfort thing..

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Then you definitely have to keep it. Who on earth would say otherwise?

  5. Donelle Lacy

    Love this post! It’s giving me inspiration for posts of my own!

    It’s okay
    …to support others first, because they will support you later.
    …to be single by choice (or not) in your thirties.
    …to not be good at everything you try.
    …to try things even if you might not be good at them.
    …to be a newbie.
    …to lose.
    …to write short stories instead of novels.
    …to give yourself time.
    …to play.
    …to put a book down if you don’t like it.
    …to be unapologetically a cat person.

    • Holli Moncrieff

      Really great list, Donelle. You should definitely feel okay about all of those things. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Inspiration is good!


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