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Can’t have one without the other, right?

The good news is that I finally feel like a writer again. After the Sparkling Werewolves (writers group extraordinaire) met last Thursday, my commitment was to finish going through The Boy’s edits of Dragonfly Summer by our next meeting.

Well, I’ve already finished! Now I just need to go through Jeff’s (another beta reader) comments, make any necessary changes, get some expert opinion on a couple of dicey situations, and then finish the polish/edit before sending it to the second group of readers. I even have a natural deadline–as one of the group (a voracious reader and someone whose opinion I value) goes on holidays in mid-February, I’d like to have my next draft ready to go by then.

On the other hand–here’s the bad news–I really don’t feel like a kickboxer these days. Life has been interfering with my attempts to get back to the gym, and to tell the truth, I haven’t been fighting it much. I just don’t feel like it. I’m not sure if this is because I’ve had such a long break, and I simply need to give myself time to get back into it, or if this is a sign it’s finally time to do something else.

Maybe I can only be obsessed about one thing at a time.

On the “living my best life” front, two trips are being tentatively planned. If all goes well, I’ll finally see Hawaii with a writing friend this year, and will journey to Egypt with The Boy in 2013. The fact that this is finally starting to fall into place gives me hope.

How are you making out with your New Year’s goals? Any progress? Setbacks? Thoughts on my inability to get back into fighting form? Any and all advice accepted!

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  1. Michelle Davidson Argyle

    I was smart (because I know myself too well) and didn’t really set any goals for myself this year. I knew they would come in their own time, and they have. My goal is to eat better this year, apparently, because that’s where my natural tendencies seem to be going this month, wanting to eat healthier. So far, I have, but I’m having to wean myself off sugar bit by bit. I can’t do anything cold turkey.

    I also think forcing yourself to do anything (unless it’s prescribed by a doctor) is not healthy. If you don’t feel like going, then don’t!

  2. Lynette Eklund

    I’m living in Limbo for a few days here, so very little is getting done right now. I think I’ll be over the hump soon and then it’ll be onward and upward.

    See you in the clouds…!

  3. Zsanett

    Well my new year’s goals have started really good for me, we have managed to pay off one of our debts. The stupid “buy now pay later, no interest till blah blah” deal was coming due soon so we took our saved money and paid it off and promised ourselves never to fall for it again because if for some reason you can’t make the deadline you will be big time screwed with their humongous interest rate. But anyhow, that’s all dealt with so I feel great.

    I think it is perfectly fine to go for one goal at a time. Last year you didn’t get much writing done but you went through camp and had your big fight! So for this year if you put your wirting as number 1is perfectly fine and maybe once you achive the same level of success with your writing that you felt after the fight, then you can bounce back into a balanced state of doing them both.

    By the way, let’s just set a date for when we can hang out, otherwise my last resolution will never come true! 😀

  4. Story Teller

    Thanks for your comments, ladies. Much appreciated.

    @ Michelle – congrats in eating healthier! Feel free to share your recipes with me.

    The problem with me is that if I never did anything I didn’t want to, I’d probably never exercise or finish a rewrite. Sometimes I just have to force myself, as much as I’d rather relax or read a book.

    @ Lynette – Good luck in getting more motivated. Maybe it’s January. January is rough.

    @ Zsanett – Congrats on getting one of your debts paid off! That’s awesome news. I fell for one of those, too, and ended up putting it on a line of credit to avoid the crazy interest.

    I completely agree with what you said about balance. That is what I hope for. I need to somehow make room in my life for both.

    As for the other, send me a FB message, and we’ll set something up!


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