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Good morning dear readers,

Usually I don’t enter contests. I’m one of those people who rarely wins anything, but this particular contest was too good to pass up. If I was to die in a freak muay thai accident tomorrow, I’d only have three regrets:

1) Didn’t see enough of the world
2) Didn’t publish a novel
3) Didn’t fight in the ring

As you know, I’m working on number 2 and 3, but number 1 requires money that I just don’t have right now. That’s where you come in! With a simple vote, you can help get rid of me for six months! (At least get me out of the bottom ten percent so the site can stop mocking me!)

Just click here: http://www.getridofme.com/users/557195753facebook

If I win, I’ll visit some incredible places: China, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kenya, Morocco, Nepal…this blog could suddenly get a lot more interesting! Thanks for your help. And if you vote for me, I’ll even drag my sorry butt to the gym today. I didn’t make it yesterday, but I thank Wayne for asking and holding me accountable.

One more thing…this clip was so good, I just had to share! Behold, the power of the muay thai kick! This is really interesting, even if you’re not particularly into kickboxing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maQINqPI7S0

Thanks for reading!
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