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TGIF, dear readers!

Here’s the scenario for this week’s Fun Friday:

You’re a successful journalist, well known for getting to the truth behind the issues. You have the opportunity to interview a public figure, and the assurance that they will be completely honest with you. Who would you interview, and what five questions would you ask him/her?

The rules: the person you interview must be alive today, and they have to be a public figure. No spouses, mothers or grandparents, please!

I would interview Oprah Winfrey. The sheer amount of success this woman has achieved is amazing, especially in light of where she started out. She had everything against her: sexually abused and neglected as a child; a poor black woman in a rich white man’s domain. And yet, today’s she’s one of the wealthiest people in the world. Love her or hate her, her story is inspiring.

I would ask the Queen of Talk the following questions:

1) You’ve gone through some really tough times in your career (the cattle trial, etc.). During those bad days when you don’t want to get out of bed and are tired of working so hard, how do you push past it? What motivates you when nothing else will?

2) You’ve achieved a status never dreamed possible when you were starting out in your career. Answering truthfully, what set you apart from everyone else? Deep down, why do you believe you’re successful?
3) How do you respond to those who say that your sincerity and compassion is an act? That you really only care about yourself and your inner circle?
4) What do you really think of Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise?
5) What did people hold against you more when you started out: your gender or your race? How did you overcome their prejudice?
Bonus question: why the hell did you pick Franzen’s book again after he openly dissed you for choosing The Corrections?
Your turn! Who would you interrogate?
Thanks for reading!
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  1. Lisa

    When I started reading this post I immediately thought it would be cool to interview Pierre Elliot Trudeau or Michael Jackson. Sadly, neither of these individuals is alive today. I wracked my mind trying to think of someone who I would want to interview. Seriously, the only living person I could come up with was Queen Elizabeth. And prepare yourself, because a couple of my questions are slightly unorthodox…

    1)What was it like while you were growing up, knowing that you had to live your life according to the rules of the Royal Family and unable to be “just a normal kid”?

    2)Were your negative feelings towards Diana a result of the genuine concern you had that she was changing the face of the monarchy or were they due to jealousy?

    3)What do you honestly think of all the scandals the Royal Family has had to endure in the last 30 years including Charles and Camilla, your grandsons and their antics, and the divorces that have been portrayed as scandalous solely because of the people involved?

    4)Do you have to adjust your diet/fluid intake when you are away from home to avoid using washroom facilities while in public? What happens when the urge hits you?

    5)Have you ever owned a pair of running shoes or sweat pants?

  2. Story Teller

    Brilliant questions and great subject, Lisa! I really enjoyed reading them. I’m not a fan of the monarchy, but I’d be interested to hear what her responses would be to your questions!


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