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Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe, but I have only three more weeks of hard training before my fight.

When this fight camp began, I wondered why anyone would ever sign up twice. This isn’t for me, I told The Boy. I need more balance in my life.

And now here I am, in the home stretch, and looking back, the experience doesn’t seem that difficult. I had the opportunity to bond with some really great people. I received personalized attention from my kru. I enjoyed some challenging but far from impossible workouts. I lost fat and gained muscle. And I learned A LOT.

I never thought I would say this, but fight camp has gone by too fast. Part of me wishes I could start it all over again. But mostly, I’m just glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it. Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone who applies for fight camp is chosen. For me, it was a long, hard road. I had to apply at least three times before I got in, and now I see that I wasn’t ready before. You really have to be willing to sacrifice everything else in your life in order to be successful.

Since the end of the road is so (terrifyingly) close, it’s natural for the fighters to be asking ourselves the BIG question: will I be ready?

My coach Olivia has a great response to this: “With a month more of training, you could always be more ready. But the important thing to remember is that you will be ready. You will be as ready as you could possibly be at that point in time.”

Then she goes on to razz me about how I should have fought a long time ago, etc…but her first statement is still valid. 🙂

The toughest part of this journey for me has been the mental aspect. But I’m coming to a point where I’m tired of being scared, tired of worrying, tired of being concerned and intimidated.

I’m accepting that I have what it takes to be a fighter, for better or worse. Bring it on, already!

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  1. Zsanett

    haha, when I saw the title I thought to myself: 3 more weeks still!
    And then instead I got you writing that it’s 3 more weeks only. 😀
    Good for you, I envy your strength to go through this camp, both physically and mentally. But more so the latter, your physical strength might not last forever but the mental one that you have gained here, I am sure that will stick with you in your life.

  2. Story Teller

    Hi Zsanett,

    Thanks so much for commenting. I guess “three weeks” is relative…for some people, it’s a long time, for others, it’s quite short. To me right now, it seems all too short!

    I certainly hope the mental strength does stay with me. I can’t imagine being afraid of anything once I’ve survived this!

    Take care, and thanks for being here.


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