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Ah, Friday. There’s something magical about Friday, even if you spend half of Saturday in the gym. I love Fridays…think I always will.

Went to the doctor this morning for my EKG and blood work. Both are required now if you want to fight. If there’s anything that makes you realize that this for real–that in just a month and a half, you’re going to be stepping into the ring, it’s getting your heart and blood tested.

I also asked my doc about the skin reaction I’ve had since the fight camp started. She asked to see my rash, and gasped in shock when she saw my purple thigh instead. “What did you do to your leg?” she cried. I still don’t think she understands what “training for a muay thai kickboxing fight” entails.

Unfortunately, although she gave me an even stronger medication for topical cream than the one I’m currently using, it looks like the irritation is here to stay until fight camp is over. “If you had walked through poison ivy, I could treat the rash, but if you kept walking through the poison ivy, it wouldn’t do much good,” my doctor pointed out. Makes sense. On the advice of my chiropractor/acupuncturist, who has done a fair amount of athletic training himself, I’ve ordered some Under Armour garments to replace my usual cotton and keep my skin dry. Hopefully they help. Have any of you ever had this problem? If so, what helped or didn’t help? And yes, before you ask, I keep my equipment and skin very clean. I’m still wearing sweat-soaked gear for up to three hours at a time. My skin is not happy.

In spite of this, I’m still enjoying the fact that it’s Friday. Here are some things that are making me happy (if not my skin….)

  1. Being out of debt is AWESOME! You can’t beat it with a stick.
  2. Looking forward to my weekly cheat meal–probably sushi–on Saturday with The Boy.
  3. Only two more workouts and I’ve survived another week of fight camp. It should start to feel a little easier now.
  4. A lazy Sunday stretches before me…can’t wait.
  5. Re-reading a very good, interesting non-fiction book: The Stranger Beside Me by Ann Rule. Rule, an ex-cop, worked at a suicide crisis line in Seattle while researching a book she wanted to write about missing and murdered girls in the area. In an incredible twist of fate, it turned out that the good friend who worked the phone lines beside her was Ted Bundy, the man responsible for the crimes.
  6. It’s a beautiful, sunny autumn day.
  7. Still haven’t been seriously injured or sick (knock on wood) at fight camp. Somehow, I managed to avoid the horrible cold that’s going around.
  8. Gummy vitamins. Genius!
  9. My weight is the same as last week’s, but my body fat is down three percent. Feeling good about that.
  10. My boss is very understanding about my ridiculously long doctor’s appointments.

How about you, Dear Readers? What are you feeling thankful for or happy about this Friday?

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  1. Kim

    Sounds great! Sounds like your allergic to your own sweat. The wicking material should help. Annoying though.

    You changed your comment format.. and it recognized my google address right away. So maybe that fixed the problem?

  2. Story Teller

    That’s why I changed it. I was hoping it would help–hooray!

    I don’t think I’m allergic to my own sweat. My skin is sensitive, and it just doesn’t like being in sweat-soaked clothing for hours at a time.

  3. Zsanett

    I love Fridays too, especially that we got the sunny warm weather back. All week I have been at a training (beating up people wasn’t involved in it 😛 only beating up my own brain) And now it’s over so yay. But tomorrow is the exam so boo for that. But then there is always Sunday to look forward to.

  4. V Y-C

    I’ve had a long history with my skin and exzcema (HM and I have shared a story or two). I found sweat also difficult on my skin. You might want to consider “rinsing off” after your workout and mosturizing your skin right after with fragrence free hypo-allergetic cream. When I had it on my face I found Vitimin E soothed ointment seemed to sooth it.

    I can sympathize with you and hope things will clear up.

  5. Story Teller

    Thanks for your comments!

    @ Zsanett – what are you training for? Hopefully your exam went well and you were able to enjoy a relaxing Saturday.

    @ Vanessa – it’s such a relief to hear I’m not alone. I’ve felt like a freak. Those are great suggestions. What cream/ointment do you use? Have there been any brands that have worked particularly well?


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