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Do you perform well under pressure?

The concept of fight camp seems to revolve around the theory that pressure is good–not only the pressure you put on yourself, but additional pressure from your teammates.

My kru purchased a rowing machine for our gym, which I was excited about at first but now realize is a torture device from hell. My five rounds on Friday weren’t so bad, even though I had to get my heart rate up to a certain level that required busting my butt…I only had one other woman, a friend, cheering me on and encouraging me. But on Saturday, I had to survive three rounds in a tiny room with four guys screaming at me to pull harder, go faster, not give up, etc. As Kara, one of the other women in fight camp, said when she took her turn: “I don’t think I care for this environment”. I concur. I’d much rather suffer in a corner with no one paying attention to me.

I was going so fast, I flew off the seat at one point (that thing needs a safety belt). I got a nasty blister on my left hand. During the second round, my quads hurt so much that I was sure I couldn’t get through it. Giving up was tempting, so very tempting…but not possible. Somehow, I survived, and the third round was the easiest. Then it was my turn to yell encouragement at someone else.

My hope is that every time I want to quit and don’t; every time my body is crying out for a break but I push forward, I will get that much stronger. I will realize I am capable of doing anything required…even with a roomful of guys screaming at me.

What makes you stronger?

My magical Under Armour garments arrived today. So excited! I’ll be able to “test drive” them this week and see if they lessen my skin irritation. Here’s hoping.

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  1. MuayThai_father

    Good morning;

    I know; torture machine from hell right?? But that must just mean that it is working right.. 🙂

    I agree it is always “easier” to suffer in silence. And for some excersies maybe(this is a big maybe)it is possible that some people get better results working on there own.

    But for myself; if i was in the room with 4 others; posting our numbers for everyone to see and having them on my A$$ to keep going and push harder and harder, i know that my numbers (avg RPM, Cal, Meters, and etc.) woul all be higher than when i am all by myself. But that is just me, I like a challenge and getting people there to drive me makes me stronger.

    Great articles keep it up and I hope that UA gear works out great for you!


  2. Lisa

    Ha…I just posted a new blog today and then headed out to read my favourites…Funny that you are posting about what makes you strong and what the body can take…I was just talking about that…I haven’t been able to make the body say “uncle” yet…it keeps taking what I throw at it…

    I also think that when I have other people around me, especially teammates who I don’t want to let down, I will push that much more…

    Good luck with the “armour”. I purchased some “Skins” last spring but haven’t been able to test them out to their fullest yet..

  3. Story Teller

    Thanks for your comment and words of reason, Grant. As always, they are of great value to me.

    They wouldn’t call it a challenge if it wasn’t challenging. And it’s always easier to go at your own pace and do what you can without anyone paying attention to you. Do you go as hard as you would with a bunch of people screaming at you? Of course not! 🙂 This fight camp stuff is planned this way for a reason, but that doesn’t make it easy. Somedays I wonder what I signed up for. So far, the UA gear is working, though. Thanks!

    @ Lisa – thanks again for commenting. I’ve been wondering about that “uncle” point too…I’ve come to that level, but then we get a break and I recover so quickly that it didn’t seem that difficult at all, in hindsight. We always hear about working our muscles “to failure”, but what about if you’re not allowed to fail? What then? I hope I never have to find out!

  4. Story Teller

    Thanks so much, Rascal. I appreciate the suggestion and the comment.

    Under Armor clothing has done the trick for me. I got a prescription cream to get rid of the rash, and the wore UA to prevent it from coming back. However, I will look into the Body Glide. Glad you found something that helps!


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