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…is planning to fail, or so the saying goes.

Succeeding at a training plan like mine requires a lot of effort, not only in the gym, but also at home. On Sunday, The Boy and I spent several hours grocery shopping and cooking for the week ahead, as he’s beginning a new healthy-eating regime, too.

By the end of the day, we were exhausted, but the fridge is full of good, healthy things to eat. There’s nothing like stumbling in the door at 9 pm, weary and ravenous from training, and having to make dinner from scratch. At those times, I want…NEED…to grab something quick, and if a healthy meal isn’t available, something unhealthy always is. That’s why it’s smart to sacrifice some time on the weekend to make well-balanced meals.

For those of you who voted on whether I should choose the nutritional or the training plan from the personal trainer, I went with the training plan, for several reasons. One–Helene has seen the green prajioud test and knows exactly how to prepare my body for surviving it. I cannot say the same. Two–I already know a lot about nutrition, and do much better on a balanced diet than on one that is incredibly strict; three–my kru, the personal trainer herself, and a fighter friend who has survived the green prajioud all recommended the training option. Thanks to everyone who commented, though. You all had some very good advice and suggestions. It was a tough decision.

As for yesterday’s cooking session, I made Cooking Light’s healthy granola recipe to give a nutrition boost to my low-fat, low-sugar yogurt; Cooking Light’s chicken souvlaki salad; Annie’s Eats’s easy oven-baked chicken fingers, which I thought would be wonderful on salad; Cooking Light’s tomato-basil soup; and because every life needs a little balance, Annie’s Eats’s toasted coconut ice cream, which I will save for a special treat on my cheat day. Everything looked and smelled delicious, and I’m pumped for the week ahead! (Even though I HATE daylight savings time! Curse you, George Vernon Hudson.)

How about you, Dear Readers? Do you meal plan? Do you find it saves you time to cook things in advance? What are your favorite healthy recipes?

Let’s have an awesome week!

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  1. Lisa

    I don’t meal plan often…but I should. I keep telling myself life would be much easier if we did…*sigh…;0)

  2. Chris

    I’m into Day 2 of living better. Still sticking to the meal plan I made on the weekend. Missed the exercise this morning, but feeling sore from the one last night. Maybe it’s not a good idea to have them back to back evening/morning like that.

  3. Story Teller

    @ Lisa – I have a hard time sticking to it when life gets really busy, which is exactly when it’s most needed! I have found that when I plan out every single meal, food ends up going rotten, so I have a looser structure this time to account for days when I just don’t feel like eating a big meal after kickboxing.

    @ Chris – I’m so proud of you! You will find the schedule that works for you. It just takes a little trial-and-error.

  4. Ev Bishop

    I love Annie’s Eats and I learned of her from you, so thanks! The recipes you currently recommend do look awesome–I will try them, too. And yes, meal planning rocks–for health (mental and physical) and budget!–though I admit I only “plan” dinners. Breakfast and lunches are make/pack your own, but I try to make sure I have a variety of healthy fare to choose from with some loose ideas for lunch meals in mind as I shop.

  5. Story Teller

    I’m glad I was able to introduce you, Ev. My one complaint is that the majority of her recipes are far from healthy, but they’re nice for the occasional treat. The ice cream is divine, by the way. For the work week, I *need* to plan every meal, lest I find myself in a restaurant, but for the weekend, I adopt a more relaxed attitude. Thanks for your comment!


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