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  • Sat

    Marketing for Writers and Maintaining Suspense Online Classes

    Quills Conference 2020

    Sat, August 15, 2 pm MT: Maintaining Suspense Through a Novel live workshop. Want to write a book that will keep your readers on the edge of their seat? There's an art form to building and maintaining suspense. Award-winning suspense novelist J.H. Moncrieff will take you through the techniques you need to master in order to create a page-turning novel or story, including voice, beginnings and endings, and character development. This course is suitable for every genre, as no one wants to write a book that's easy to put down. Come prepared to write!

    Sun, August 16, 11 am MT: Marketing for Writers live workshop. "Writers don't make any money." Right? Wrong! Award-winning novelist J.H. Moncrieff has made a living with her writing for over 20 years, and in this class, she shares some tricks of the trade. Drawing on her background in marketing and publicity, she'll teach you the ultimate goal of social media, how to make money with freelance writing, how to successfully market yourself to potential readers, agents, and editors, the elements of an effective author's website, and how to handle a social media scandal, which is becoming all too common these days.