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Well, the weekend was a total bust for both goals. I don’t know what happened to Saturday…seems like I just turned around and it vanished. I planned to work on the book after Chris and I returned from the opera (my Valentine’s Day gift to him – can’t say I’m a huge fan), but it was over three hours long. We didn’t get home until midnight, and at that point, I felt completely drained. (But of course I still made time to watch a movie. I am failing miserably thus far!)

On Sunday, my friend Donna had invited us to a behind-the-scenes tour of said opera, which was very, very cool, but way longer than I expected. I again wasted the rest of my time instead of working out or writing, but at least it was an enjoyable evening. I made pasta carbonara from The New Best Recipe cookbook by Cook’s Illustrated for dinner and painted my nails pretty spring colors while watching yet another movie. We did walk home from the opera tour – wonder if that counts as exercise?

This day started out classic Monday – everything that could go wrong did. I woke up with a migraine. I took my trusty meds, which worked, but knocked me out, with the end result being that I slept in and almost missed the web training session at work that I was put in charge of (my boss, lucky man, is currently in New York). Then it turned out that none of the equipment was set up for the session, and no one had any idea where anything was. Our library tech saved the day, but it looked pretty bad for a second. I feel sorry for the web design company that built our new site – we must seem like the Keystone Kops sometimes!

It’s now 8:35, and I’m determined to spend an hour on my novel before I call it a night. I’m supposed to get to bed at 10 in order to wake up at six to write and go for a run before work, so I’m definitely cutting it close. I’m nervous about it. So far, all I’ve had to do is re-read the 200 pages I wrote for this book a couple of years ago, but today I’ll be picking up where I left off…hopefully. I know that this will all be worth it when I’m back in the zone and actually enjoying the process again, but for the first bit, it’s gonna be hell.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to start getting rid of or limiting things that tend to suck up a lot of my time. Facebook, a stupid computer game called Burger Rush, watching movies I’ve already seen a million times, etc.

Do you find your time slipping away too quickly as well? What are your biggest “time sucks”?

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  1. Knapper

    I totally understand what you are going through. I’m trying to polish 2 scripts and work on a book (non fiction) as well and find that getting motivated is the hardest part. I gave up my office in the city so I could work out of my house thinking that would be more efficient but unfortunately there are distractions everywhere.

  2. Story Teller

    Are you writing scripts full-time now? Are you trying to write every day at the same time? Working from home can be amazing, but I agree that it has its own challenges. Sometimes even doing the dishes can seem better than staring at that blank screen.


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