Return to Dyatlov Pass’s heroine returns!

Shadow of the Sasquatch

Nat McPherson was lucky to survive the massacre on Dyatlov Pass—but she doesn’t feel lucky. Struggling with severe depression after witnessing the death of her friends, she’s unable to work, drowning in a sea of debt, and dependent on alcohol to get her through the day.

When a desperate family in the Oregon wilderness appeals to her for help, she isn’t the slightest bit interested. But Nat can no longer ignore the call of duty when the family’s young daughter calls her screaming in the middle of the night.

Is hunting the Sasquatches that are terrorizing the hapless family Nat’s ticket back to herself and true survival? Or will she just become another casualty, destined to join her slaughtered friends and become lost in the Shadow of the Sasquatch?

From The Readers

“The characterization, dark humor, and infusion of real life concerns make this novel so easy to get emotionally invested in.”

– Kimberly Yerina, Horror After Dark

“Shadow of the Sasquatch is scary, creepy and I wanted to know what happened next. It is horror with heart, and, in J.H. Moncrieff’s hands, it works well.”

– Catherine Cavendish, author of The Pendle Curse

“Some of the scenes are so vivid and dread-filled, I would’ve jumped out of bed if something would’ve fallen over or banged the walls.”

– Steve Stred, Kendall Reviews

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