Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

Return to Dyatlov Pass

In 1959, nine Russian students set off on a skiing expedition in the Ural Mountains. Their mutilated bodies were discovered weeks later. Their bizarre and unexplained deaths are one of the most enduring true mysteries of our time.

Nearly sixty years later, podcast host Nat McPherson ventures into the same mountains with her team, determined to finally solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Her plans are thwarted on the first night, when two trackers from her group are brutally slaughtered.

The team’s guide, a superstitious man from a neighboring village, blames the killings on yetis, but no one believes him. As members of Nat’s team die one by one, she must figure out if there’s a murderer in their midst—or something even worse—before history repeats itself and her group becomes another casualty of the infamous Dead Mountain.

From The Readers

Return to Dyatlov Pass will freeze your blood! A mystery dripping with terror, the sense of isolation and impending doom kept my heart racing right until the very last line. An instant classic.”

Hunter Shea, author of Fury of the Orcas and Loch Ness Revenge

“Impressive tale that is a strong contender for my “Best Reads of 2018″ list. Highly recommended!”

Horror After Dark

“Get ready to be cold and afraid. Every time I started reading this book, I got so cold, it felt like I was in the story. It was loaded with suspense, and humanity at its worst and its best. My eyes are blurry from reading, and I am sad it’s over.”

Amazon Reviewer

“If you need some creepy with a side of what the f*ck to it, this is your book.”

Lilyn G, Sci-Fi & Scary

“Superb read! I was turning the pages so quickly as the story gripped me from the get-go I nearly wore a groove in my tablet’s screen. This could be J.H. Moncrieff’s best work so far. Definitely recommended.”

The Haunted Pen

“J.H. Moncrieff delivers one of the best third acts I’ve ever read in a book. The ending is incredible. My jaw hit the floor and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This book should be optioned. I would love to see it in the theater.”

Cedar Hollow Horror

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