In the idyllic waters of the South Pacific lurks a dangerous and insatiable predator…

Monsters in Our Wake

In the idyllic waters of the South Pacific lurks a dangerous and insatiable predator, a monster whose bloodlust and greed threaten the very survival of our planet—the oil industry.

Thousands of miles from the nearest human settlement, deep on the ocean floor, ancient creatures have lived peacefully for millennia. But when an oil drill bursts through their lair, Nøkken attacks, damaging the drill ship’s engine and trapping the desperate crew.

The longer the humans remain in Nøkken’s territory, struggling to repair their ailing ship, the more confrontations occur between the two species. When the death toll rises, the crew turns on each other, and marine geologist Flora Duchovney realizes the scariest monsters aren’t below the surface.

From The Readers

“J.H. Moncrieff writes unusual horror. She takes a well known trope – in this case an ancient, gigantic sea creature – and creates a whole new perspective. I loved the way the plot and characters developed, and the change in point of view worked exceptionally well, as it could have easily fallen flat in less capable hands. I read the whole story in one riveting read and loved it.”

Catherine Cavendish, author of The Pendle Curse and Linden Manor

“Monsters In Our Wake is not my first creature from the deep book, but it certainly is the most original and a helluva lot of fun. Recommended.”

Frank Errington, Horrible Book Reviews

“Here’s a writer who gives us just what we need.”

Reads & Reels

“The human characters are very well-developed, the writing is crisp and assured and by God, if there wasn’t some suspense and dread building through this sucker up until the ending! This is a surprising, excellent horror tale. Recommended.”


“Moncrieff builds suspense masterfully, teasing the reader without revealing the full scope of each catastrophe about to unfold, leading up to a crescendo that is as terrible as it is satisfying.”

Ryan Carty, Goodreads reviewer

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