Will Jackson’s sister be lost for good?

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Mask of Ghosts

Kate and Jackson—the girl who talks to ghosts and the Protector—are back in a fifth supernatural mystery.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Roxi thought the Balinese mask would make the perfect gift for her brother Jackson and his girlfriend Kate. Unbeknownst to her, a deadly curse was part of the package.

A young woman slaughtered during a massacre haunts the mask. Her spirit wants revenge, and she’s convinced Roxi is the one who can get it for her.

To free his sister from the mask’s curse, Jackson must travel to Bali with Kate to solve the mystery behind the woman’s murder. They’ve tangled with their share of angry ghosts in the past, but this one will pose the greatest threat yet.

Can they save Roxi from the vengeful spirit before more blood is spilled and Jackson’s sister is lost forever?

This fifth installment of the GhostWriters series exposes the shadow lurking behind all that Balinese sunshine.