Something is rotten in Romania…

Forest of Ghosts

(GhostWriters series, book #4)

Jackson Stone is sick of ghosts. With his love life in shambles, he heads to Romania for a horror writers’ retreat, hoping it will be a break from the supernatural and breathing space from his relationship with medium Kate Carlsson.

But as his fellow writers begin disappearing or losing their minds, he realizes he needs Kate’s help.

When Jackson loses his own memory, Kate’s love is the only thing that can bring him back. But she’s falling for the man responsible for the evil in Romania. A man who claims to be her soul mate. Will this master of wraiths forever break Kate’s bond with Jackson?

From The Readers

“Easily the most cerebral of the GhostWriter stories thus far.”

Nikki Burch, Goodreads reviewer

“Forest of Ghosts is a fast, creepy tour through the darker side of modern Transylvania. Definite recommend for fans of supernatural mysteries, suspense and ghost stories.”

C.D. Gallant-King, Goodreads reviewer

“Moncrieff has once again deftly woven real life intrigue with the supernatural, giving us characters we are deeply invested in, which makes the horror all the more palpable. The dialogue is sharp and witty, making this a very difficult book to put down.”

Hunter Shea, author of Creature

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