Three ghosts, one witch, and one disturbing prophecy. Christmas will never be the same.

Carol of Ghosts

(GhostWriters series, book #6)

All is calm, all is bright? Not in the little house in Nightridge, Vermont.

Jackson’s plans for a quiet, uneventful Christmas with Kate are dashed when three spirits decide they have important messages for him—messages that unfortunately can’t wait.

As he learns crucial lessons from his past and present, the spirit of his future has a bigger bombshell in store: the fate of the entire world may rest upon his reluctant shoulders.

Will Jackson be able to accept that his fantasies of a quiet life are just that—fantasies—and that the ghosts are here to stay? Is he up for the challenge his future holds, or is the world as we know it doomed to die?

From The Readers

“J.H. has this extraordinary ability to draw you into a story within a few sentences, and this is no exception. For fans of the supernatural and strange tales this book is a must. There are many excellent authors of this genre around at the moment, but for me J.H. is the master!” 

Jim Edwards, Amazon reviewer

“An excellent December read! Moncrieff mixes elements of Christianity, Paganism, and time travel in this ghostly tale set in December 2020.”

Mary Aalgaard, Goodreads reviewer

“Filled with holiday cheer, with a ghostly twist, (would we expect anything less?) this makes me look forward to the next adventure they are bound to take.”

Nikki Burch, Goodreads reviewer

“It was, as always, spellbinding, immersive, a pleasant escape from the realities of today (in spite of several real-word current event allusions) and a fabulous way to spend a cool, winter evening at home.” 

Kelli, Amazon reviewer

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