A spooky-fun witch adventure.

Book of the Dead (SpellSight series, book #1)

***Laura from the GhostWriters books stars in her own series!***

As a hereditary witch, Laura Device was raised to trust the deities.

But what happens when they can’t be trusted?

The high priests of ancient Egypt have vowed to protect one of the most powerful weapons on Earth—a collection of spells known as the Book of the Dead. For thousands of years, it’s been safeguarded, but Laura learns of a terrible plot to steal the artifact.

Job Jacobs, a sexy necromancer with a dark past, is Laura’s best chance of keeping the Book from falling into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, he’s also her ex.

Embroiled in a conspiracy where nothing is as it seems, Laura and Job must overcome their differences.

Will they succeed? Or will an unexpected enemy seize the Book, putting the world in peril?

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