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Groan…moan…sigh…limp, limp…that was quite a muay thai class yesterday! Yes, the dreaded knee strikes have returned to Level 1, and in the hands of instructor Grant Rutherford, they are a dangerous weapon indeed.

Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not complaining. It was great to experience an old school, brutal workout once again. On the flip side, I found out very quickly that I am not used to that type of workout anymore. I am so out of shape, and yesterday’s class guaranteed I won’t be going to today’s. My poor body needs time to heal.

I think how much of a workout you receive when doing knees depends quite a bit on your partner. And last night I paired myself with a very experienced, very strong classmate. This is a girl who regularly runs marathons and who can actually execute moves like the spinning back fist and spinning back kick. I went without the belly pad, deciding to just let the thai pads absorb the impact, since that’s how I learned to hold for knees so I’m more comfortable that way. I estimate that close to (if not over) 500 punishing knees were thrown at my mid-section, resulting in some odd, unexplainable injuries today. I have weird bruising on one of my upper thighs, and the left side of my chest is incredibly sore to the touch. Since I wasn’t kneed in either of those areas, I’m not sure what’s going on. And of course, my knees are killing me!

This leads into a plan I want to launch on Monday. I’ve slipped into some bad habits again this summer–staying up late, not waking up when I should, not making proper meals, etc. Not drinking water unless I happen to run out of Diet Pepsi. The plan is to resume waking up at six, writing for an hour, and then doing a half hour Body for Life run on most days. I want to lift weights three days per week (I’m going to try for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but the actual days will vary), and attend muay thai classes three to four times a week (I’m going to try for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, but again, the actual days will vary). Evenings will be for preparing a healthy lunch for the following day and relaxing, while on the weekends I’ll have time for more writing, some fun, and catching up around the house. I certainly won’t be working out!

Sunday is the crucial day for this plan. As long as I can get my lunch prepared, my gym clothes laid out, and to bed at ten, I’ll be on the right track. Wish me luck! And have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. kungfusinger

    I find that type of thing tends to happen when your body is not conditioned to a particular workout. The nasty bruise is likely from a burst capillary or two. Nothing to worry about. If you were doing a lot of knee lifts, lunges, or waist twisting, that would explain the pain in your ribs. The ribs are attached to the abs, attached to the hip flexors, attached to the… Hmmm… Anyone else feel a song coming on. In any case, if it does not start feeling better by Saturday evening, I would start worrying, but not before. Have an excellent weekend.

    I fondly remember the mornigns after kung fu workouts where I could hardly walk. I have gotten so out of shape, I haven’t had a workout that hard since the Munchkin came along.

  2. Story Teller

    Hi Kungfusinger,

    Thanks for the advice, but the pain is not in my ribs. That I could understand. It’s in my left pec, right under the collarbone. I’m not overly worried, but if it isn’t better after the weekend, I may get it checked out. I’m a little concerned about the knees. Last night’s class aggravated them, but they were hurt before that.


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