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Happy Thursday, Dear Readers.

Why do we continually do the things we know are bad for us? Is it self-sabotage, lack of willpower, or something deeper?

I don’t have too many vices, but the ones I do have are deeply ingrained. My number one nemesis is my night owl tendency, which I discussed in an earlier post. It’s nearly impossible for me to get to bed before 11:30, which leaves me drained and exhausted most days. In the morning, I hit the snooze button a million times, and once I do get up, I feel like crap, until about 9:30 pm, when I finally start getting some energy. The cycle continues….

Diet Pepsi is another baddie in my life. I spend far too much money on it, and it’s bad for my body. It wears away the enamel on my teeth, and God only knows what it’s doing to my stomach. I shudder to think! Supposedly it’s bad for the bones, too, and my mother was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, so I might be susceptible. I can “cut back” to two or three cans a day, if I really try, but giving it up all together would be a nightmare. Water is okay, but if I drink too much of it, I feel sick and bloated. Not to mention it’s boring. Not to mention I have better things to do than run back and forth from the bathroom all day.

I never met a potato chip I didn’t like (well, very few). I’m addicted to long baths, as hot as I can stand. I love to stay up all night and sleep in late on the weekends.

But if I plan to stick to my new workout and writing schedule, which I’ll reveal on Monday, a lot of this has to change (but I’ll probably still squeeze in my two daily cans of Diet Pepsi).

How about you, dear readers? Are you brave enough to confess the bad habits that you suspect are holding you back?

If you beat a bad habit, how did you do it?

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  1. Angela

    Bad habits are so hard to break because they give us an immediate reward, and they feel or taste sooo good!

    I believe nothing to truly bad for us in moderation. What joy is there in life without litle indulgences? However, when a habit or behaviour begins to negatively impact on your life, it’s time to examine why we are doing what we are doing.

    Are you staying up late because there’s not enough hours in your day to get everything done AND relax and have quality “you” time? Have to taken on too much? What chores can be left to the weekend? Maybe it’s the caffiene in the Pepsi that keeps you up?

    I think taking a good look at the “why’s” can help us to change our enviroment and behaviour. This helps us know ourselves better, improves our quality of life, and makes those nasty habits occational treats – and all the more special!

    However, thatbeing said, a girl can’t take too many baths!

  2. Kim

    I agree with Angela.

    Vices are nice in moderation. Mine is Coke Zero. Coffee I overdo as well.

    She may be on to something about the caffiene giving you that second wind. As well, I find that if I exercise in the evening, I tend to have more trouble falling asleep. You’re kickboxing classes are in the evening a few times a week are they not? But it could just be your biorhythm. Your body may just be more naturally awake between the hours of 10AM and 2AM. If only we could pick our workday hours based on what our bodies prefer.

    I am definately not a get up early and write kind of person. I am a night owl writer. I write best from 8PM till whenever and I certainly don’t plan on changing that anytime real soon.

  3. Story Teller

    Great comments, you two!

    @ Angela – I’m definitely suffering from a lack of “me” time. What spare time I have in the evenings, I spend with Chris, and then when he goes to bed, it’s my only chance to read and have some alone time. I really crave that time to myself at the end of each day. As for the Diet Pepsi, its effects should kick in earlier in the day, as I start drinking it when I get up. I think I’ve just always been a night owl.

    Love your bath comment!

    @ Kim – I usually don’t have trouble falling asleep once I get to bed. I just don’t want to go to bed. Period. If I could set my own schedule, I’d be very happy! 🙂


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